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 PDA Affiliation Request

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PostSubject: PDA Affiliation Request   PDA Affiliation Request EmptyWed Nov 27, 2013 6:10 am

Hello everyone, Im Rakhalix Leader of PDA(Phantom Duel Academy) and i would like to request an affiliation with DFFA, Since new members cant post external links for 7 days i can give you the link in DN, my DN name is rakhalix, PDA is a new academy and i think it's going pretty well. PDA is a DN Duel Academy and our goal is to make Duelist in DN become better at Dueling and meet new friends, we have a monthly torunaments, and others, and PDA is trying to find affiliation now so i think it's a good start to aqffiliate with you guys, so i hope our affiliations will go well and i hope my affiliation request got accepted, for more information please contact Rakhalix, thank you and have a nice day Smile.
Best Regards, Rakhalix.
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PDA Affiliation Request
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