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 Coupons And How They Work

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PostSubject: Coupons And How They Work   Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:04 pm

Coupons: How They Work

Coupons, or PROMO codes, help customers save points on their purchases in the store. They can also help shop owners earn more points depending on the coupon code used.

To use a coupon code, simply enter it at the bottom of your post that says you want to purchase an item from so-and-so's store. The owner will then put the code into the receipt for the chancellors to use. Simple enough, right?

For shop owners who are afraid of losing money, don't fret! You will still receive the FULL amount of points you would have received if the coupon code had not been used. The customer just doesn't have to pay as much as usual.

I hoped that helped a little bit! Keep your eyes peeled for special messages containing coupon codes in the future!


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Coupons And How They Work
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