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 Tournament Rules!

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Tournament Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Tournament Rules!   Tournament Rules! EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 2:46 am


  • Players and Tournament Organizers must follow the KDE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT DOCUMENTS along with all DN rules and policies
    The DFFA Tournament Team attempts to follow all of those rules as closely as possible for all Official Tournaments and Events

  • All matches (except special tournament matches) must be held in Advanced Unrated allowing watchers without a password to let them in.
    All participants are required to submit Side-Decking screens as well as victory screenshots after each round to the Tournament Host in charge of the tournament unless told otherwise. Refusal to comply to this rule may result in a disqualification of said tournament or a nullification of that round's match results.
    If the official KONAMI banlist changes during the course of a tournament, the tournament will continue with the card pool and the previous list that was around when the tournament started.
    The Tournament Host reserves the right to deny your deck list if they believe a clear win condition cannot be found within the deck or that the deck is aimed towards ties, even if the deck follows the banlist and the correct cardpool.



  • Inactivity is treated as being offline for at least 36 consecutive hours for all General Tournaments with no attempt made to contact the opponent within a reasonable time.


  • Inactivity will result in a matchloss

  •    During a Live, a Gameloss is enforced for each 10 minutes of offline time.


  • Dodging will not be tolerated. If proof can be provided of continuous dodging, then the opposing player will be disqualified from the tournament.


  • If a player is inactive two different rounds in the same Tournament without informing their opponents or a Tournament Organizer, a Disqualification will occur.
           Disqualifications for whatever reason may not be overturned.


  • If a participant is permanently banned while participating in any DNF Tournament, they are immediately disqualified.
       If a participant is temporarily banned, normal inactivity rules apply.


  • No participants may evade a ban applied during a tournament to continue participating in that tournament.


  • If a participant is disqualified from 3 Official Tournaments due to inactivity during a format, he will receive a Temporary Tournament Ban until the end of the format.

   If a player has to go during a duel, they forfeit it upon leaving. If a player has to go in between duels of a match (during siding), it may continue later.
   If a situation cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, you may contact a Tournament Organizer. Please be patient when waiting and explain the situation carefully.
   Tournament Organizers MAY request deck checks in order to enforce rules and regulations for ANY tournament on DFAA.

   Deck Error

   General Tournaments
       R1 - The player can either continue with the deck that they changed to, or they will be forced to rematch using the deck they registered with.
       R2 and on - The player must redo the entirety of the match with the original deck. If the deck adjustment is one that leads to a straight anti-siding of the opponent's deck, then the offender will be disqualified and tournament banned.

   DN Challenge Specific Rules

   R1 - The player is forced to continue with the deck they used this round, and a warning is placed on them. 3 such warnings will result in immediate disqualifications from then on for violations of this rule.
   R2 and on - If the player enters with the wrong deck and completes the match, then they are DQ'd from the current Challenge regardless of winning or losing.
   3 disqualifications for illegal decks will result in a 6 month Tournament ban. This counter will reset with DN ratings at the beginning of a format.


   A game loss is enforced in almost all cases involving a player dropping out during a duel for whatever reason
   The following cases result in the nullification of the game instead:
       It can be determined based on public knowledge that the player who disconnected was going to win DURING that turn or the turn directly following.
       Advantage was favoring the disconnecting player to the point where 2 perfect draws in a row could not prevent the disconnecting player's victory.
   If the disconnection occurs during siding, the match resumes from the point at which the disconnection occurred.

   Tournament bans may be issued by the Tournament Organization team for improper conduct.
   The following are inexcusable conduct during Tournaments, and will result in a Tournament Ban
       Modifying your deck by pre-siding or changing the main, side or extra deck in any fashion during a deck-lock for the purpose of completely anti-siding the opponent.
       Submitting false Tournament Match results either by forging screens or simply lying to a Tournament Organizer.
       Continuous violation of tournament rules.
       Attempting to impersonate a Tournament Organizer
       Having an alternate account that was previously Permanently Banned on DNF.
       Any other applicable action found improper by the Tournament Organizer team.
   All Tournament Bans are permanent unless otherwise mandated by a Tournament Organizer.
   Evading a Tournament or Events Ban will result in much more severe action being taken against you, at the discretion of DFFA Staff.
   If you attempt to join a tournament on 2 or more accounts, all those accounts will be Tournament Banned. If you believe that people are sharing your IP/location and you want to attend a tournament, it is your responsibility to let the host know beforehand. In that case, if you are found sharing the same IP with another user, the host will have the final say on whether both players can join or not. Failure to inform the TO will result in a tournament ban.
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Tournament Rules!
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