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 Test Results: White Rose Dragon

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Test Results: White Rose Dragon Empty
PostSubject: Test Results: White Rose Dragon   Test Results: White Rose Dragon EmptyMon Nov 25, 2013 10:48 pm

Wins: 30/30
Creativity: 12/30
Skills: 28/30
Attitude: 10/10

Total: 80/100

Take note that this score is using the current criteria as the ideas presented by Jester have not been confirmed to be implemented at this time.

Nothing to say as far as wins go, they won every duel.
Creativity had to suffer some heavy loss. 5 points off for use of meta (Spellbooks and Merlantians) and another 13 points for minimal choices in tech (Destroyer in Spellbooks, Aqua Spirit in Merlantians).
Took off 2 points in Skills for one of the misplays I saw. Went SB of Eternity into SB of Secrets instead of SB of the Master to copy Eternity and then grab Secrets with Master copying Eternity.
Overall good attitude.

Seeing as they scored 80/100, White Rose Dragon has qualified to be placed in Obelisk Blue. Congratulations!
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Test Results: White Rose Dragon
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