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 Test results for Genmuzero

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Icy Cold Fox

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PostSubject: Test results for Genmuzero   Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:10 pm

Tested Genmuzero in a series of 3 duels, and here are the results:

20/30 for wins.
Nothing that really needs to be said here.

27/30 for creativity.
First two rounds he used Infernities, which even though I occasionally see them, he used Infernity Doom Dragon instead of the one I usually see, Void Ogre Dragon, which I thought was interesting. For the 3rd duel, he used a Dark Gaia deck. Since Dark Gaia decks are rarely seen, I thought this one was rather interesting.

25/30 for skill.
Used many of the various skills that Infernities use, with the difference of using Doom Dragon over Void Ogre Dragon. Used a deep drawwing strategy that's a bit similar to Exodia's with the Dark Gaia deck.

10/10 for attitude.
Nothing really needs to be said here, but he had an overall good attitude towards the testing.

The total overall score for Genmuzero is 82/100.
This puts Genmuzero in the Obelisk Blue dorm. Congrats. Smile
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Test results for Genmuzero
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