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 Challenge Duel Rules

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Challenge Duel Rules Empty
PostSubject: Challenge Duel Rules   Challenge Duel Rules EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 12:12 am

Challenge Duel Rules

1. To challenge someone, create a thread with a title similar to: "I challenge (username)!" If you are doing an open challenge, this part isn't necessary.

2. The duelist you challenged must then accept the challenge by making a reply to the post simply saying: "I accept!" Afterwards, a chancellor, or hall monitor will come by, approve the duel, and then lock the thread.

3. All results MUST be posted in the appropriate results section, and they must be confirmed by your opponent. A chancellor, or a hall monitor will come by, distribute the points/wins, and lock the thread.

(NOTE: Please be patient. Chancellors/Hall Monitors are usually busy, and they may not handle your duel straight away.)

4. No points/wins will be distributed if Rule 3 is not followed.

5. You (the challenger) cannot change results once you have posted them. If tampering with results is suspected and/or reported by the person you challenged, the duel will be deleted, and neither player will receive points/wins (unless there is provided proof).
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Challenge Duel Rules
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